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Join Us As We THRIVE Against All Odds

Start Thriving Today!

The THRIVE Time movement seeks to get you out of survival mode and into a thriving mindset. 

Live life like a game of spades.  
Look at your circumstances and see
all of the possibilities.

THRIVE Time Founder's
Books Available on Amazon!
Shéree Jones' published works are a must have for those who desire to THRIVE in mind, body and spirit. 
"The Noah Fast" blends food and faith into a plant-based fast structured around the

Biblical story of Noah.
"Lord, You Know..." is a multi-sensory prayer devotional that encapsulates prayers into just three words - demonstrating that brevity and potency can co-exist in prayer.


THRIVE Time is a movement which promotes self-care and self-awareness as a pathway to empowerment.  Through events and social media engagement, we provide tools to shift from survival mode to a thriving mindset.
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